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Articulate, sensitive, even funny

Yes, it takes courage to deal with this.

She is an amazing woman and a tireless advocate for IBD and ostomy 

Lois's book has helped me to better mentor others on this adventure with me

Lois' story! Moving and inspiring!

Inspiring! A must read!

This book is a very good book and I read it in one evening

I wrote Courage Takes Guts as a way to share my battle with Crohn's disease, illustrate how full and active my life is as a result of ostomy surgery, and share my father's words.  This book is for patients, family members, friends, caregivers, as well as gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons, and certified wound ostomy continence nurses.  You do not have to suffer in silence because of a bowel disease or ostomy surgery.  I share the life lessons l learned after losing my colon, and how Crohn's disease and ostomy surgery offered me opportunities for personal growth when I chose to change how I viewed my situation.

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"Your book is powerful, inspirational and very well written. The physical and emotional pain you endured as an adolescent and young adult, and the clarity of your description made its impact unavoidable. Written from the perspective of a mature writer who has learned so much about life in general and yourself in particular, your description was never drenched in self-pity or melodrama. Your story is ultimately one of relief, redemption, empowerment and joy. Your book will undoubtedly help patients find the strength and perspective to confront their illness and move beyond it. Congratulations on your own success and thank you for being of service to so many."  --Jay R. 

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